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Category: Production update

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been absent. But this has TRULY been an overwhelming year ALREADY!!!

Production for the video podcast series is well underway. However, I'll not be making them viewable until I have a substantial amount to distribute. Hopefully then Brian, Mark & Bob will be interested enough to put them wherever they see fit.

I have been having a few computer issues that have greatly slowed the post production. BUT, that will all be rectified soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Also, as I mentioned before, there will be some fund raising going on VERY soon to benefit childhood obesity. There will be a tour bus involved that will make stops in several cities around the country. We're currently trying to make Detroit one of those cities. If you want to try to help make that happen, get back with me or Charlene Oesterling (she's on my friends list here). We figured that since music and dancing are synonymous, why not try to get some musicians on board? Maybe put some tunes on a fund raising cd project or a live show in Detroit in conjunction with the Zike company and the tour bus.

Whadaya say?

Brian, Mark and Bob, hope you read this.

Either myself or Charlene will be happy to provide more precise details.

Stay tuned!

Also, for anyone in or around the Flint area, we're shooting video tonight for Spiral Crush at The Machine Shop.

Hope to see you there or hear from you all soon.


Be well and groovy.



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