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Prince Fielder excitement continues in Detroit




This weekend excited Tiger front office workers were giving a going away party at Bookies. They were excited because business was good.

People are so excited about the Prince Fielder signing that folks are buying season ticket and mini-ticket packages by the ton. One person told me people were working all weekend and that computer screen were filled with calls all last week. Their biggest problem was getting back to customers on time because the lines were so stacked.

That is a great problem to have and that is why the workers are smiling from ear to ear.

The Tigers are legitimate contenders to win the World Series and people should be happy that Tigers owner Mike Ilitch is willing to do anything to win. Ilitch has been a major player in the NHL and now he is a major player in Major League Baseball. Detroit deserves that. We deserve the following summers coming up.

There was an interesting column by LZ Granderson on who is a Tigers fan and questioned the signing during Detroit’s economic woes. I received some phone calls critical of the column. His point is he is excited about the Fielder signing but does it make sense in a city that cannot pay its bills.

In a perfect world you’d want the Detroit Public Schools and city workers to feel the same economic joy as Prince Fielder feels these days. It is rough around here as people lose jobs and lose hope. I hear what he is saying.

But I also know this town loves sports and loves when its teams win. Let’s hope Fielder loves this town and shares some of his wealth with those in need. But Detroit always loses itself in good teams. It’s done it with the Lions, Tigers and Pistons and Red Wings. Hopefully, Prince Fielder’s bat will bring the same joy.

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